Why is online advertisement important for any business? – step by step guide

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All know that a business without advertising can’t grow quickly and easily so the online advertisement is a very important part of any business.

When I was a little guy, I used to think that business is a piece of cake, all you have to do is, open a shop and boom. You will start getting tons of customers to your shop from the very next day but when I grew up a little I realized that it was my myth. I am sure most of you will have the same thought that I used to have as a kid.

What is Marketing and why is it important?

Well, marketing is nothing but letting people know about your products or services. To be specific it is a method of informing people about the existence of your business. Some typical methods of marketing which is also known as advertising are distributing pamphlets, hanging banners, and hoardings, Newspaper advertisement, online ads, etc.

How many kinds of Advertisements are there?

Well, there are two methods of Advertisement that are really popular.

  1. Offline Advertisement ( Traditional Marketing)
  2. Online Advertisement ( Digital Marketing)

What is an Offline Advertisement and why is it important?

what is offline advertisement

An advertisement that we do offline with the help of pamphlets, banners, hoardings, newspaper, etc. is called offline advertisement. It is good for small shops, institutes, schools, etc that are located in small areas. This type of business targets the small locality which is spread up to 3 km.

What is an online advertisement?

An advertisement that we do through the internet is called an online advertisement. These days it is highly in trend because it works. Online advertising is performed via social media channels such as Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, etc. We also perform it via Google Adwords. Online marketing is specifically for businesses that are big or willing to expand their reach.

7 benefits of online Advertisement that help your business grow rapidly

Importance of online advertising

It has Global reach

Online marketing has a global reach, it helps your business flourish Worldwide. Now you can reach out to a global audience without traveling to any country and just by sitting at home. It helps you get more clients and earn more money.

It is cost-effective (cheap)

The most important part of online advertisement is cost. Unlike other mediums of advertisement, it is very cheap. That means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertisement. It is not more than your pocket money.

It helps you reach to the target audience

Online advertising helps you find the right audience. It means it helps you find the audience that is more likely to buy what you are selling. With the help of social media ads, video ads, it becomes easy to get to Target Audience.

importance in digital marketing 2020

It helps us access the Data

With the help of analytic tools, we get to know customer behavior which later helps us make the changes in our ads accordingly and it leads to better sales. With the help of Analytic, we can figure out what our potential customer is searching or looking for

It has a fast outcome

Online advertising is not a lengthy process instead it’s very easy and it gets the result quickly. Once you start the ads you get the leads from the very next day which is way to better than traditional marketing.

It sets you free

Online advertising doesn’t restrict you instead it sets you free and allows you to work anytime and anywhere without any problem. All you have to is, run the ads and just relax, it will generate the leads and traffic very quickly.

It’s easy to measure ROI

In traditional marketing is hard to figure out the ROI ( RETURN ON INVESTMENT) but online marketing gives you exact data of your expenses and outcome. So one can easily get a fair idea of statistics when he is going run the campaign again because he has done it once before and has understood the game of advertising.


Online advertisement is the best method to grow your business by leaps and bounds that’s why the majority of owners and small businessmen go for it. It has grown 10 times over the year and it will grow more and more in the coming years. So if you are one of those outdated people who still believe in traditional marketing then my dear its high time to change your gears and be digital or you will be way too behind.

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