404 Error not Found: What is “404 Error” and How Can We Fix it!

how to fix 404 error

Error 404 is annoying as a user point of view, it is a client-side error. “404 Error” which is also known as Http error 404, Page Not Found, Server Not Found, error code 404 means the information you are finding in not available on the server.

Now If you have newly started a website or a blog. you must understand the cause of “404 error” because at some point you may face such issues.

Why does the 404 Error Occur?

There are several reasons behind the “404 error” that can be fixed simply by going through the real cause of the error. I am going to list some common causes 


Removing a Page Completely

Sometimes we remove a page or post completely and when a client or user searches that URL it says”404 page not found”. It means when Google indexes an URL it is live on Google for many days and because that particular post has been deleted, the server can’t find that post and ultimately come up with “404 Error”. 


Typing the Wrong URL

If you type a wrong URL or misspelling URL the server can’t find that because the typed URL is not available on the server. Therefore always recheck the URL you have typed in if you get the “404 Error”.


How to Fix “404 Error” completely?


I still remember when I encountered this issue the first time. I had no idea how to fix “ 404 error”. Then I browsed many posts, but I hardly got the right solution to get rid of this error. Finally one of my teachers suggested a better method to resolve this issue completely. So be all ears I am going to share with you.


  1. First of all, go to Google and type “site:yourdomain.com or .in” depends on your extension. It will show you all your pages or posts that have been indexed by google whether it’s old that you have deleted or new.


            Now find the post that you have deleted and copy the URL of that particular page 


  1. Open a New tab and Type”https://search.google.com/search-console/about” and you haven’t created a search console account then sign up or sign in if you already have.
  2. Once your search console is open, Go to the” Removal Section” and click on New Request. You will find a URL box, Now paste the URL that you copied earlier and click on Next. 

  Google will remove your URL completely within 24 hours and Finally, you will get rid of this error.

The alternate method to remove 404 error completely


  1. Go to Google and type “ https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals” and Paste your “404 error” page or post URL and Click on request removal. Your URL will be removed within 24 hours.


How do I Redirect a 404 page to the Homepage in WordPress?


In case your “404 error” page generates a lot of visitors and you don’t want to remove that page completely. Then you could either redirect that page to the homepage or you can redirect it to a similar page that you have created that has the same content.

In both ways, your visitors will be loyal to you and they can get the result they were looking for.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and install a plugin called “Redirection”
  2. Click on “settings” and then click on Redirects
  3. Past your “404 page URL” in source URL
  4. Type your “ Homepage URL” in Target URL and Click on “Add Redirect”


“404 page not found” is annoying indeed but there are some ways to resolve this issue completely. All you have to do is find the URL of the 404 page and paste it to the “Google Search Console removal section“.

So if anyone finds this issue at any point you can suggest the same method, still, they have a hard time resolving the issue then make a comment below I will help

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