Cheapest and Best Hosting: Affordable Hosting for Beginners in 2020

best and cheapest web hosting

This article is going to solve the biggest problem of beginners who are looking for ” Cheapest and Best Hosting” As online presence is increasing at rapid speed since it is easy to interact with the target audience. Maximum people are migrating from offline to online because this medium has a higher reach, one can not only share his experiences or knowledge with the entire world but also can make a better sale. 

As you know for starting a website or a Blog, we require two most important things  


  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting


What is a Domain name?

cheapest and best hosting

A domain is nothing but the name of your business. It is a unique identification of your business, for example,,,

Here, Google, youtube, and Facebook are the domain names. So if you want to register your domain name then it will be like or

How much does a domain name cost?

Well, a Domain name doesn’t cost like a bomb means it is very much affordable. One can buy a domain name within 3$ to 4$ which is not a big amount. The amount varies according to the extension of the domains such as .com,.in,.org, etc.

There are many Domain names provider companies are there which allows you to register your unique Domain name.


  • Godaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Namecheap
  • Dreamhost
  • Shopify


What is Hosting?

cheapest and affordable hosting

Hosting is nothing but space on the server where all your data such as pictures, videos, music that you upload on your website are stored. It means you have domain name only and don’t have hosting then you can’t run a website, Therefore hosting is the most important part to start a website or a blog.


How much does a Hosting cost?

Hosting cost depends on the plan that you are going to buy, Usually, there are three main plans that are offered by any hosting provider company.

  1. Starter Plan
  2. Professional Plan
  3. Business plan


Starter plan

This plan is good for beginners because it is cheap and affordable. In the starter plan, you are offered

  1. A website 
  2. 10 GB space/ Bandwidth
  3. SSL certificate


Why beginners are not able to afford even a starter plan?


Beginners are not able to afford a starter plan because of the company like Site ground, Godaddy, Blue host, Hostinger, etc. Charge around 100$/year. Newbies don’t enough money to invest in such expensive Hosting. But don’t worry I have a superhero who helps us with buying the cheapest and best hosting plans for beginners and even experts.


The cheapest and best hosting provider of all times 


Herohosty-cheapest and best hosting


It is the cheapest and best web hosting provider company of all time. It is the only hosting provider that provides SSD storage along with Higher bandwidth. Herohosty is fast, reliable and the cheapest hosting provider in the world.


Let’s check it’s starter Plan


  1. A website 
  2. 2 GB SSD storage
  3. 100 GB bandwidth 
  4. SSL Certificate
  5. 24/7 Live Support

Herohosty provides all these amazing benefits within 8$/years with a 100% refund in case of any problem. 

Note: It has discount coupons that reduce the current price by up to 30% more.


Cheapest Professional Plan ( Herohosty)


  1. 3 Websites
  2. 6 GB SSD Storage
  3. 500 GB Bandwidth
  4. Free SSL Certificate
  5. 24/7 Live Support

Herohosty-cheapest and best hosting


Herohosty provides all these amazing benefits withing the cheapest price 20$/year with 100% refund guarantee 

Note: It also provides discount coupons that make it cheaper 


Cheapest Business Plan ( Herohosty)


  1. 5 Websites
  2. 10 GB SSD Storage
  3. 10 TB Bandwidth
  4. Free SSL Certificate
  5. 24/7 Live Support


Herohosty provides all these amazing benefits withing the cheapest price 32$/year with a 100% refundable guarantee.

This company has newly come into the market and it has dominated the market. Many big hosting providers are charging a lot of amounts which is not affordable for beginners or newbies. So if you want to make an online career then you must try it out. I have been using this hosting for one year and trust me it is one of the best hosting providers in the world. 

Herohosty-cheapest and affordable hosting


How can we get Herohosty promo code & coupons?

Herohosty provides Promo codes and coupons for a 30% discount on every hosting that you are going to purchase. All you have to do is, click on this link and copy the promo code and paste while you make a payment of your hosting. You will get an instant discount of 30% which is really a nice deal.

Note: If the link doesn’t work you can write “TECHNOVEDANT” in the promo code, it will work 100% 



When we start our online career as a beginner we don’t have enough money to invest. After doing a lot of research we give up just because we don’t have enough money for hosting. We often see discount offers of many hosting providers, they claim to provide the cheapest hosting but when we browse their website they have many conditions for the discount offer and ultimately they ask us to pay the original price. 

So guys it is my humble request that don’t invest a lot of money for hosting if you are a beginner and try this out.

Click here to buy the best and cheapest hosting 


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